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How Temperature Affects Tires

The US has a wide variety of climates, but generally, weather conditions are cold during the winter and hot in the summer. In southern states, summers are very hot and humid while in the Pacific Northwest, summers are warm with cool mornings and evening conditions. Winter in the South is mild, but in the North conditions are often very cold with lots of snow and below zero temperatures. How do all these variations affect your tires? Winter Tire Tips   The temperature outside has various impacts on your vehicle’s tires. The change in the temperature also causes an equal change in the pressure of your tires; a higher temperature will increase the pressure of your tires. Your tires should be kept inflated based on the specific vehicle manufacturer recommended pressure. Tires are made with both natural and synthetic rubber compounds which contain oils that help with elasticity. The heat from the sun and the friction from the road wear out your tires and reduces the amount of oil ... read more

Car Smells and What They Mean

Does your car have an unpleasant, lingering aroma? Usually your first impression will be to check for food that may have been left under seats. If the culprit isn’t food that has gone bad, there are several other reasons that may be the cause of the unpleasant smell. The last thing you want is your passengers in your being uncomfortable by the smell or worse question your hygiene. You need to find the source of the odor because an air freshener will only mask what could be a serious issue. Automotive Smells What’s That Smell? Rotten Eggs - If the smell is similar to rotten eggs, this may be because your catalytic converter has gone bad. The root cause could be an engine or emissions system problem that made the converter overheat, thus causing the rotten egg smell.   Moldy, Musty Air - When you turn your air conditioning on and it emits a musty smell from the vent, mold or mildew has probably formed in the air conditioning system.   Burnt Paper - The smell of bu ... read more

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