Monthly Archives: November 2018

Why You Shouldn’t Mix Tires

If possible, when replacing one tire, you should always try to purchase as close as possible to the existing tires on your vehicle. A matching tire will have the same tread pattern, construction, and size as your existing tires. We never recommend you use mismatched tires unless specifically recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle.Buy the Right Tires   A few ways drivers will mismatch tires include: using tires with different tread patterns, using tires made by different manufacturers, using tires made for different seasons (summer vs. winter tires) and using tires with different sizes.   Every unique tire is designed for a specific job, a specific handling capability and to work together with a set of matching tires. If you use mismatched tires, your car can experience unpredictable handling and braking, which can be dangerous in an emergency. Additionally, mismatched tires can cause your tires to wear unevenly, making the time to replace your tires again come sooner ... read more

Something is Leaking: What Is It?

Finding that fluid which is leaking from your car can be alarming. It is possible fluid leaking from your car could be normal, but other times leaking fluids are a symptom of a bigger problem with your vehicle. Before you panic, there are two questions you need to ask: 1) “Where is the fluid coming from?” and 2) “What does the fluid look like?”What is leaking from my car?   When determining where the fluid is coming from, first find out for certain whether the fluid is even coming for your vehicle and not the vehicle parked in the space before you. If you are unsure, just get down and take a good look under the car with a flashlight or your cell phone.    Once you have determined that the leak is indeed coming from your vehicle, stick a piece of white paper or cardboard under the leak to catch some of the fluid and determine its color. Depending on the color, the fluid could be several different things:   Red or Pink: Red or pink fluid is usu ... read more

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