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Basic Tire Maintenance

A blown tire can ruin more than just your day. Tire trouble can cost you money, time, or even damage your vehicle. Sometimes there is no warning your tire is about to blow. Road debris can cause a sudden puncture and there won’t be much you can do, but most tire issues can be prevented with simple monitoring and maintenance.  Check out our list of basic tire maintenance below. Check Your Tire Pressure The PSI of your tires varies depending on the type of tire you have and the type of driving you do. Your owner’s manual should contain a recommended PSI for your stock tires or you can check with the manufacturer of your current tire. Normally, PSI should be around 30 to 35. This means there is 30 to 35 pounds of pressure per square inch. All you need is a tire gauge and a few dollars at the air pump to ensure your tires are properly inflated. Check Your Tread Depth Proper tire inflation will help prevent uneven wear on your tire trea ... read more

Prepping a Summer Emergency Kit

It’s time to gear up for road trip season! Whether you are headed to the coast, on a cross-country road trip, or you’re off to the grocery store to prepare for a “staycation” at home, it’s always a good idea to have your car prepped with an emergency kit. When it comes to your car, the unexpected is bound to happen. Good drivers know this, embrace it and are prepared for anything that’s thrown their way! While you may not be able to prepare for all scenarios, there are a few good measures you can take to make sure if a break down occurs, you and your family are safe. A fully-stocked emergency kit is a simple way to prepare for the unexpected. While some articles recommend stocking your kit with every item under the sun, we are just going to cover a few key items which will help your situation be a bit more manageable. Jumper Cables: This is an item which should never be overlooked, even if you’re not packing a full-on emergen ... read more

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