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Social Distancing Behind the Wheel

Your vehicle is a good way to maintain social distance compared to taking the bus, train or a taxi. If you are traveling in a vehicle with other people, you can still ensure that social distancing is being practiced by sitting at the far opposite side of the car (2m or 6 feet separation). You also need to consider how many people are in the cab, perhaps using a larger vehicle to provide more distance between occupants and always ensure good ventilation by keeping windows open where possible.   Social distancing simply means keeping a safe distance away from other people and includes measures such as not shaking hands and staying about 6 feet away from other people. In your vehicle, staying 6 feet apart is difficult, but there are other preventative measures you can take.  There should also be routine cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched objects and surfaces such as door handles, steering wheels, and controls. Of course wearing a mask may also be a good idea.Social ... read more

How to Safely Sanitize Your Vehicle

Germs and dirty surfaces can make you cringe on the thought of touching or sitting in an area filled with it. Well, fun fact, your car probably isn’t the pristine haven you think it is. According to studies, the average steering wheel is four times dirtier than a public toilet seat. Then they are all the other frequently touched areas in your cars such as the cup holder, seat belts, and door handles, and touch pads; they can’t be too much cleaner. Now more than ever, it seems timely to offer some tips on how to safely sanitize your vehicle.  automotive-sanitation   Sanitizing your car is different than giving it a good spring cleaning. It’s essential to keep germs and viruses off the parts of your car you touch the most. We’ve all been doing a lot of washing and cleaning lately, and cleaning our car probably hasn’t been one of those places. Many people spend a lot of time in vehicles, so keeping it well sanitize and clean is important. In order t ... read more

What Happens When Tires Sit Too Long in One Place?

Your tires are your car's only connection to the road. Taking care of your tires will save you money on gas and a smoother, safer ride for you and your family. Your vehicle’s tires affect how your vehicle steers, how it brakes, and how it hugs the road. Your tires need to have the correct air pressure, tread depth, tire balance, and wheel alignment to be safe and cost-effective. If your car is left unused for an extended period of time, know that your tires and other components will still require maintenance and upkeep. tire-maintenance   Leaving a car unused for a long period could leave it vulnerable to problems with your battery, brakes, and tires. Tires will be prone to deteriorate, lose air pressure, and develop flat spots. When you decide to start driving your vehicle again, instead of the smooth ride you expected, it will be all bumps, thumps, and vibration due to ineffective tires.    Here Is What Happens to Tires When a Vehicle Is Left Unused ... read more

Is It Safe to Drive on a Tire with a Bubble?

Bubbles in your tires are generally caused by impacts on the road. Hitting the edges of potholes, small collisions, hitting a curb and speed bumps can all cause the sidewall to bulge in your tires. Your tires should always be smooth and round, so if you notice a bubble on the sidewall or see a section of tread bulging, it’s a sign that something is very wrong, and you should stop driving immediately. Tires that have a bubble are not safe to drive. When your tire has a bubble, the fabric of the inner tire can no longer protect your tire from bursting when pressure develops from contact with the road. Tire Maintenance   The most common place to see a bubble in the tire is the sidewall. Tire bubbles can also form in areas where the rubber has worn very thin. Driving on a tire that has a bubble is very dangerous and there is a high possibility that it will blow out on you. Your top priority should be getting the tire replaced as soon as possible because as more moisture and air ... read more

How Does a Car’s Muffler Work?

Your vehicle’s engine produces small explosions of harmful emissions which come from the combustion chamber. These explosions produce dangerous gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. For safety, these dangerous gases are dispersed away from your vehicle’s cabin using an exhaust system, which the muffler is a key component of. To explain how the muffler works, we need to know the different components of the muffler.  There are four sections in an automobile’s muffler: Inlet — The inlet attaches from the exhaust system. Exhaust gases and sound enters the inlet from the exhaust system.   Resonator — The resonator acts as an echo chamber by reducing the overall noise volume of the engine by canceling sound waves.   Perforated tubes — The perforated tubes are metal tubes located inside the muffler and are responsible for how loud or quiet your car sounds. They suppress the sound and work to in ... read more

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