Monthly Archives: October 2017

Driving Safely with Nature

North American roads cover millions of miles of landscape through habitats that vary from desert and grassland to mountain or forest and everything in-between. While we enjoy the freedom of the open road, we are nearly always crossing through the homes of wild creatures which may venture out on the road at the worst time possible.  Follow these tips to avoid a collision with our natural neighbors. Pay Attention - It may seem like the most basic of instructions, but in our tech-crazy world too often we are looking at things other than the road. Don't let a quiet highway lull you into a sense of false security. An animal can wander onto the road at any moment. Keep your eyes alert and watch for movement. When driving between stands of trees or crops like corn, note an animal entering the road may seem to appear out of nowhere, with very little warning.   Improve Your Night Sight - Make sure your windshield is clean and clear, especially ... read more

Storing and Caring for Your Seasonal Wheels and Tires

In many parts of the US and Canada, it is common to have two sets of wheels and tires to tackle seasonal differences in driving conditions. You know what to do with them while they are on your car, but what is the proper way to store the ones you put up for the season? Here are some tips to ensure your seasonal tires are ready to go when it is time to swap them out. Clean Your Wheels - Contaminants and road grime can degrade the finish on your wheels while they are in storage. Before you put them away, clean your wheels with some mild detergent. Rinse them off and make sure they are completely dry before you put them away for the season.   Clean and Treat Your Tires - Tires are made of natural and synthetic rubbers and can dry out while in storage, causing dry rot and cracking which will have you looking for new tires too soon. Before putting them away, clean your tires with a liquid or foaming tire cleaner and wipe off any residue. Then apply ... read more

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