Monthly Archives: December 2017

Top Performance Upgrades

Let's talk about automotive performance. This term means a lot of things to a lot of people... from better handling, more speed, more off-road or track capability or even better fuel economy. For the purposes of this list, performance means one thing; getting where you are going sooner. Consider the following top pick performance upgrades if you want to put more power to the ground: Cold-air Intake - Factory air boxes are restrictive and are usually more about packaging under the hood than feeding your engine much-needed air. A less restrictive intake is an instant power adder.   Bigger Throttle-body - The intake feeds the throttle body, the modern equivalent of the carburetor. The more air and fuel you can stuff into the engine the more power you can make. A higher CFM throttle-body allows more air to pass through your engine.   Forced Induction - Turbos and Superchargers essentially have the same purpose; to stuff ... read more

Give Your Family the Gift of Safety - New Tires

We are the land of the man (or woman) who has everything. We have electric dog nail trimmers, vacuums that work without your help and phones with more computing power than a fleet of space shuttles. With all this great and not so great stuff, it's getting harder and harder to give a great gift. Before you go flailing around for a gift nobody wants or needs just to say you have something to wrap, consider the gift of safety; a new set of tires for a friend or family member. Maybe you think this gift won't be appreciated. After all, tires don't have the appeal of a diamond pendant or a 6-way adjustable cyclo-massage equipped lounger. Actually, though, a new set of tires is so much more. Your tires are the only part of your car that touches the road. Better tires mean safer handling and what could show your deepest feelings for someone you love like saving their lives with more capable handling.   And speaking of handling, giving the gift new tires means passing along ... read more

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