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History of the Modern Tire

Whether it’s the price of gas, the people you spend time with, or the level of satisfaction you have with your job, one thing in life is certain, things change. It may not be a surprise your vehicle, the way it works, and how much it costs has changed significantly over the years. But have you ever thought about how much tires have changed? Tire HistoryBefore air was introduced into tire designs, they were covered in wood, iron, solid rubber, and even leather. Although these weren’t the most shock absorbent materials, they provided durability and grip. It took many years to develop the tires we use today. Let’s look at tires and how they have progressed through the years. The modern tire was patented in 1847 by Robert Thompson but had little success. At the time, consumers preferred the durability of solid rubber. It wasn’t until years later the popularity of the bicycle would reintroduce the concept of a smoother ride. John Boyd Dunlop was the first to manuf ... read more

Diesel vs. Gasoline - Which is Better?

Are you in the market for a new truck and trying to decide between a diesel or a gasoline engine? When it comes down to it, it is truly a driver preference. There is no clear “winner” between the two types of engines, but there certainly are some pros and cons to each. The type of truck best suited for you will depend heavily on your budget and what you will be using your truck for. Is your truck going to be your daily driver on your 40-mile commute, or will you regularly be using it to haul heavy equipment from point A to point B? Diesel Engine or Gasoline Engine?   Cost: It’s no secret a diesel-powered truck is going to cost you a bit more than the gasoline version…$5,045.00 more on average according to Forbes. Along with the higher initial purchase price, it typically costs a bit more to maintain a diesel engine through its life. These costs may be worth it in the long run, though. Diesel engines tend to last longer than gasoline and maintain a h ... read more

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